Camps & Business

Are you a campsite/campground or local business (restaurant, museum, local tours/activities provider) that relies on camp guests for trade? If so then CampMap is here to help​.

Campsites & Campgrounds

We utilise modern technology to create tools that enable more efficient and informative management of your camp and an improved interaction with guests. The topics below give some examples of what CampMap can offer.

Guest Communication
  • Push notify all guests currently in the camp to inform of important updates such as; emergency situation, changes to facility functions or opening times.
  • Receive feedback from guests on camp services, this can include; text, images and location data.
Camp Management
  • Capture and manage maintenance, cleaning, landscaping tasks in an interactive map format with scheduling.
  • Review statistical data on guests interactions and map features to highlight areas for improvement.
Digital Asset Record
  • Accurate digital base map of all camp features, including images (std and 360), allows scaled measurement and calculation for planning and improvements.
  • Records of water, electricity, drainage infrastructure and telecoms (WiFi points and signal strength).

Local Businesses

Whether you are a restaurant, tour operator, shop, water sports provider or museum our platform enables you to connect to campsite guests in real-time informing them of who you are, what you offer and where to find you. The topics below give some examples of what CampMap can offer.

Connect to customers
  • You will be able to connect directly to customers who are in the camp each day.
  • Your profile will be visible with directions on how to find you.
Year round exposure
  • Let customers know about you before they arrive on holiday.
  • Help plan their holiday to include your services.
Simple Interface
  • Setup and manage everything through our web platform.
  • Secure online payments with managed periods and costs.