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We are here to improve guests' camping experience and make camping simple

CampMap is your digital campsite

Improve Guest Experience

   360 Photo's and Pitch Data
   GPS Navigation
   Search and Camp Info

Reduce Staff Workload

   Faster Check In
   Less Guest Queries
   Better Guest Communication

Pricing Plans and Add-ons

What can you expect:

The process is simple and straightforward

We make camping simple by creating an interface and set of tools that enable more efficient and informative management of your camp and an improved interaction with guests. This is delivered via an interactive mapping platform that works seamlessly on all devices (Example Maps).

The Interactive Maps we create are hosted on our cloud servers however, it is also possible to integrate the maps within your own website. This is an easy process and does not require any backend updates to your web application.

Advance your business with CampMap

Be among the ones who embrace new trends to stay ahead of the competition. Pictures and pdf formats are old news, you should consider having 360 photos, videos, regularly updated and honest information and quick feedback options to cater to your customer needs.

We are specialized experts in building interactive digital maps that are the best on the market right now. Not only that we are the most precise when it comes to creating the maps, we build up, integrate into your website and optimize your digital maps every year so that you don’t have to. We got your back for the long run.


Guest experience

    Automatization of work

    People can check all your pitch data on the map with just a click on the link, do the booking after working hours and find their pitch without your help

    Receive feedback

    from guests on camp services, this can include; text, images and location data

    Send push notification to inform all guests currently in the camp of important updates such as; emergency situation, changes to facility functions, opening times or all other important changes, features or events

    Sustainability effect: You will not need printed maps anymore

Camp Management
    Direct booking options:

    When people find their perfect pitch, they can book it directly. And you have a full overview of occupancy

    Quick work fixes:

    Capture and manage maintenance, cleaning, and landscaping tasks in an interactive map format with scheduling.


    Review of statistical data on guests interactions and map features will highlight areas for improvement. And give you insights of what people find most valuable assets. This can be beneficial also for your marketing efforts

Digital Asset Record
    Map is yours forever:

    Accurate digital base map of all camp features, including images (std and 360), allows scaled measurement and calculation for planning and improvements.

    You get extra info

    on records of water, electricity, drainage infrastructure and telecoms (WiFi points and signal strength).


We understand camping and our interactive maps are designed specifically for campsites & campgrounds

Pricing is divided into two segments:

    Map and Options

    - One time payment to create your digital camp map and options. Once the map is created we charge a small yearly fee (refresh package) for freshen up the appearance, clean “bugs”, upgrade features, make it more mobile user friendly and send you a quick report on all the fixes and changes we made with a refreshed manual of all the new features you can use for a better user experience. You also get an analytical report of the map usage, so you can see how to progress in the future. We offer quick and easy upgrades of new pitches, extra photos or included new information. We understand that every campsite is unique, so we prepare you an offer in advance, so there are no hidden costs afterwards.


    - Yearly subscription for the interactive map and additional features (The Free plan has no cost).

Prices are calculated per Pitch*.

Map and Options

Map (required)

€2 / pitch*

Create your digital interactive map. Minimum price applies.

  • Map creation
  • Campsite basic information input
  • Photographs upload (provided by the campsite)
  • Integration with camp's website

360 Photo (optional)

€5 / pitch*

360 photos of the pitches and other areas of your campsite.

  • High resolution 360 photos
  • Integration into the Map



€0 / year

We will host the map on our cloud servers providing all the basic features needed to improve guest experience in your campsite.

  • Interactive Map
  • Search & GPS Navigation
  • Info & Pictures


€4 / pitch* / year

A yearly subscription with all the Basic features and additional features to improve guest experience and transform camp management.

  • Camp management
  • Booking
  • Payments
  • Check-in

* "Pitch" is a marked area within the Camp which is sold to customers as an accommodation unit which can include Mobile Home, Tent, Campervan, Caravan, Glamping Tent or other similar types of accommodation found in campsites. Accommodation units which are not separated into individual pitches (un-pitched) will be divided by an area of 200m2 to calculate the number of "pitches".