Answers to all your questions about CampMap.

What is CampMap's relationship with Camps or Campground's?

CampMap has agreements with all campsites or campground's where we have made a map that permits CampMap to publish the map and data from the campsite online and in material formats.

How long does it take to create a digital camp map?

This depends a lot on the size of the camp and the quality of any existing maps. The weather and also schedule can slow things down too however, we aim to have all camp maps created within 2-4 weeks

If we want 360 photo's of the camp, when will you take them?

We are able to take 360 photo's of the camp anytime however, it if often better when the camp is empty or not too busy and the weather is good! Spring time is usually ideal.

User interface

  • When we start to make your camp map you will be given access to an online account at CampMap.
  • This will give you access to all information about the progress of you map, how long it will take and when camp visits will take place (if required).
  • When complete you will be able to add data such as descriptions, opening times, pictures to any features on the map. Or you can edit any existing data which we have populate for you.
  • The changes made when logging in to your account can be done at anytime and do not incur any additional costs.
  • As part of our product development program we will be building in detailed analytics for how the map is being used, we will inform all of our camps when this feature is available and how to access it.


At present it is possible to navigate from anywhere inside the camp to any pitch in the camp. The navigation updates in real time and only requires permission from you device to use its location. The navigation interface is still quite basic but it works. We are working right now on implementing a better system which will allow you to navigate to any features in the camp using a pre-planned route and turn information. This feature will be working for the summer 2022 season.

How can i show the map on my website?

When you map is complete we provide you with a few lines of HTML code called an iframe which can be inserted into your website. You can chose where this goes and the size of the frame. When added your map will automatically appear inside the iframe and it will work will full functionality.

Google Tag Manager or Analytics

At present we do not support adding your own google analytics into your map however this is something that may be possible and we would react to customer demand in this situation.

3D Model of the Camp

When we create your camp map we capture a huge amount of data and this includes 3D information. It is in our product development plan to allow this information to be displayed on the map.

Shade on Pitches

We capture the amount or level of shade for every pitch where this is available and this can be seen on the map as a description on the pitch. We will also be showing this information in a visual way very shortly.

Pitch or Mobile home information

At present we have some basic data that we show for every pitch or mobile home such as: Area, Type, Surface Typ, Shade, Access, Availability, Services and Pictures (normal and 360 photo). Our system allows and wil show any type of additional information that is useful. We are working hard to implement this as we know information is key for guests to make choices and camps to manage.

Integration with other PMS's or booking systems?

At present we do not offer any integrations with other systems. This may change in the future and would be subject to customer demand.

Other property services

If you are running a property with more features outside of the camp such as in a hotel or joint resort, we can incorporate them with pictures, descriptions and other information including search and navigation.

Booking Request Forms

If you have a booking request workflow that uses email or similar then we can usually integrate this for your campsite. We also offer full booking services for campsites.

Prices within the Camp

We will aim to show camp prices within the map, exactly how this will be managed is still being finalised but we will ensure that the camp has complete control over the prices and can edit them at any time easily using their online account.

Customizing your map

Every map we make can be customised with your own brand logo and colours (for Tiers and Zones). You can also write specific descriptions for you camp and attach house rule and other documents as PDF's or further descriptions. It is also up to you if you want to include availability on your map or not.

Surveying your guests

One of the primary goals of CampMap is to improve the communication with guests and to help camps improve guest experience. For this reason we are developing surveys that can be built into your map so you can ask guests questions and get answers. We also want to make it easy for guests to ask questions directly to the camp without having to go to reception or talk to staff, thi saves time for guests and the camp staff.

House Rules or Camp Rules

You can add this as a PDF file for guests to view and download or you can write this in text format within your CampMap online account.

Map Legend

A map is not a good map without a Legend and a Scale, we will have a working legend ready for very soon.


At present the search only work for Pitch numbers but we will be implementing search for all map features very soon.

Map Filters

We want our maps to be clear and easy to use and one of the best ways to achieve this is using filters. We developing some very useful filters that will allow guests to see only what they need to and find what they need quickly. You can expect a full range of filters to be available for the start of the 2022 season.

Printable Maps

We can generate print version of the map in several size formats, you should discuss this with our team when you sign up for CampMap. In the future standard map materials will be able to be downloaded directly from you online account.

Booking by Pitch Number

We know that guests want to book by pitch number and CampMap offers a full adn easy to use solution to do this however if you chose not to do this for your Camp we can add that as a description on the map so the guests know what your booking policy is.

Map Language

At present the CampMap application is fully in English however, it is also enabled that browser based translations such as Google Translate will work and automatically translate everything to the users local language settings. We are working to build in translations for all many local languages such as: German, Italian, French, Spanish etc. This is expected to be available for the Summer 2022 season.

Menu and Visibility

We are working to improve the visibility of menu's and the user interface and experience as a whole, the application that you see now will be greatly improved for the summer 2022 season.


We are looking into the best way to provide information to the guests before and during their stay, this may take the form of a chat bot. We will test what works the best and then use that solution.

We do not have pitches in our camp

If you do not have marked pitches in your camp you and your guests can still get value from CampMap. We aim to provide and complete information and communication experience for any campsite. We can work with any campsite and help provide the best solution for them.

Pitch performance

As part of our application we want to help camps understand how well each individual pitch performs from a business perspective. We will provide analytics that will clearly show where parts of your camp are doing well and where they are not. We can also suggest why this is the case to help you make adjustments to get your camp performance as good a possible.

Changes to the camp in the future

If you make physical changes to your camp, such as adding or removing pitches and building new facilities this is ok. We can make updates to the map at any time. There will be a cost associated with this which is described in our terms and conditions but in summary you will be charged at the same rate per pitch or facility as when you first signed up with CampMap. There will be a minimum fee assigned based on where you camp and if a visit is required, but generally the cost will be much less than creating the map in the beginning.

If you have any further questions then please contact us here and we will get back to you with the answers as best we can.