Interactive Camp Maps

Find the right Plan or Add-on to suite your business needs.

Our interactive Camp Map product is designed for Campsites & Campgrounds where pricing is divided into two segments:

  • Plans - Yearly subscription for the interactive map and support services.
  • Add-ons - Single purchase options - the Base Map Add-on must be included to start any subscription however the other Add-ons are optional.

Interactive Camp Map - Plans


€0 / year

We host the map on our cloud servers providing all the basic features needed to improve guest experience in your campsite. (Base Map Add-on required).

  • Interactive Map
  • Search & GPS Navigation
  • Info & Pictures
  • Guest Communication


€4 / pitch* / year

Transform the way your guests plan their holiday and arrive at your campsite. Manage groups and activity schedules. (Base Map Add-on required).

  • Details coming soon...


€8 / pitch* / year

Improve your business efficiency with our suite of camp management tools and analytics. Staff, Assets and Facilities. (Base Map Add-on required).

  • Details coming soon.
Interactive Camp Map - Add-ons

Base Map

€2 €1/ pitch*

Create your digital interactive base map using your existing map** and information from other sources such as your website.

  • Information for search
  • Photographs and images

Pitch Photo's

€5 / pitch*

Our survey team capture 360 photo's of the pitches and other areas of your campsite. The photo's are integrated into the map for easy viewing.

  • High resolution 360 photo's
  • Easy viewing from the map

Virtual Campsite

€10 / pitch*

After a detailed survey of your campsite we will create an ultra high resolution and accurate map with photo real look.

  • High accuracy & resolution
  • Amazing Photo-real base map
  • Survey grade for asset management

* "pitch" or "pitches" is defined as one chargeable accommodation space within a campsite or campground such as: tent/caravan/campervan pitch, glamping tent, cabin, or other shelter suitable for one family or approximately 6 people. Accommodation spaces for tents, caravans/campervans which are not separated into individual pitches (un-pitched) will be divided by an area of 200m2 to calculate the number of "pitches". Large accomodation units for multiple people such as groups will be assessed on a case by case basis

**dependant on existing map quality/location (Virtual Campsite Add-on may be required)