We are a diverse team from across Europe and based in our primary office in Rijeka Croatia.


Simon Neal

Founder & CEO

I am a geoscientist and programmer with a passion for making maps.

When not at work i like to run on the trails around Croatia and spend lots of time outdoors with my family.

Since Feb 2019


Andrea Suljic

Product & Marketing

At CampMap I have the opportunity to combine my knowledge and experience in camping management and marketing to focus on product development and communication with camps and guests.

I am a cheerful person, always ready to assist a team member or a friend in need. I enjoy reading, discovering new destinations and tasting new foods. Love fun facts, arts, films, and TV shows.

Joined Oct 2020


Lidija Kozar

GIS & Survey

The thing I love most about my job is doing field surveys and spending time in camps, as well as an easy-going environment.

A "YES" type of person who does not believe in limits, as long as there is coffee involved. Interested in adventurous sports such as rock climbing, SCUBA diving and skiing.

Joined Mar 2021


Jelena Neal

Planning & logistics

With so many projects going on I am trying to keep everybody organised and on schedule.

Interest in living healthier lifestyle, from healthy cooking to finding a body and mind balance. Love people.

Joined Apr 2021


Tomislav Baraba

Sales Manager

Experienced Sales Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the production industry.

Graduated from the Faculty of tourism and hospitality management. Skilled in negotiation, IT, business planing, and Hospitality.

Joined Sep 2021


Lada Bozic

Sales Researcher

I have an MA in Cultural Studies, and work experience in project and people management, customer service and journalism. At Campmap I'm the go to for research, organizing data and communication.

I'm a passionate reader and boardgamer, and enjoy cooking and traveling, but most of all spending time with family and friends.

Joined Aug 2021


Leda Lenac

Sales Representative

With my foreign work experience and language knowledge I hope to help CampMap expand beyond the Croatian borders.

When I'm not working I usually spend my time outdoors hiking, building stuff in the garage or cooking. I love to eat and travel.

Joined Sep 2021


Ivan Kovacevic

GIS & Survey

I see my job as a perfect place where I can incorporate my geoscience university background and extensive experience in different offshore surveying disciplines to make maps which I really like.

Free time without spending in nature and doing outdoor sports is unthinkable to me.

Joined Oct 2021


Deni Bakovic

Software Engineer

As software engineer here at CampMap I'm working on improving user experience throughout the whole app and developing new features. Enjoy tinkering with electronics, hardware hacking and software development in general.

I spend my free time outdoors - paragliding, climbing, camping, hiking, whatever weather permits.

Joined Nov 2021


Tizian Glavina

Junior Software Engineer

I am working on improving and maintaining the CampMap website and data workflows as well as many other technical tasks within the team.

I am a jack of all trades, delving into everything from archery and music to robotics and 3d modelling.

Joined Nov 2021

Consultants and Advisors


Matt Neal

Strategic Advisor

Strategic, creative and commercial change agent focussed on Growth and Digital Platforms.

Since Jan 2021


Mateja Koren

Growth Consultant

Growth marketing creator, specialising in fields of tourism and culture. Loving the startup mindset, creative storytellers who think outside the box and active communities. Big enthusiast of outdoor lifestyle.

Since Aug 2021