Our Core Values

Integrity & Accountability
  • We are truthful and transparent
  • We respect our neighbours, our workforce, our customers and treat them fairly
  • We take ownership for all our actions including any mistakes we may make
  • We are rigorous in complying with the law and with international best practices
Passion and Perseverance (otherwise known as "Grit")
  • We are passionate about delivering maps, products and services to our customers
  • We persevere in the face of challenges
  • We apply creativity and innovation to every opportunity or problem that faces us
Kindness, Caring and Good Humour
  • We put humanity and wholesome custodianship of the environment ahead of profits
  • We take good care of the people and ecosystems affected by our activities
  • We respond to our successes and setbacks equally: with thankfulness, good humour and humility