Our Story

CampMap is a web platform that helps campsites, parks and campgrounds reduce costs and improve guest experience by creating accurate, complete, and easy-to-use digital maps

In response to our own frustrations (as campers) with the lack of information and choice available when camping, we set out to make our life easier, support the campsites, parks or campgrounds and to help the millions of guests that go camping for their holidays each year.

There are plenty of online solutions to help you choose and book a campsite but what if you want to choose where in the campsite you want to stay, or when you arrive at the campsite how you find your way around and how can you find the information you need?

Existing solutions to these problems just don’t work very well so we built a product that does them all great – accurate, complete and easy-to-use digital maps of campsites, parks and campgrounds.

Our team


Simon Neal

Founder & CEO


Deni Baković

Software Engineer


Jelena Neal

Planning & Logistics


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