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Unique and exclusive features developed for campsites, parks and campgrounds. Improve guest experience and camp management while reducing operational costs. Reduce paper and improve sustainability!

GPS Navigation

A simple and easy to use navigation experience on any device, point to point directions so your guests will never get lost.

Push Notifications

Notify your guests about important events such as: bad weather, changes to facilities, emergencies or offers.

CampMap 360° Photos

Guests want more information when booking a camping holiday. Standard images are OK but our 360° experience provides the feeling of being in the camp and guests love it.

Enquiry System

Allow guests to make enquiry's about specific pitches or parcels in your camp, park or campground. Easily manage inbound enquiries and visualise your occupancy on the map.

API Integrations

Coming Soon

Link your Property Management System or Booking Platform to CampMap. Direct bookings from the map or visualise and edit you occupancy and operations data.


Coming soon!

Understand your guest interactions in amazing detail, fine-tune your operations and guest services to boost revenue.

Interactive Map

Accurate, complete and easy-to-use digital interactive maps - they work on any device and show your camp, park or campground how it is in real life.

Professionally made maps
Integrated Images and 360 Photos

Data & Search

Not just shapes and colours, our maps are a rich database of descriptions and images which are fully searchable.

More than a map

GPS Navigation

A simple and easy to use navigation experience on any device, point to point directions so your your guests will never got lost.

Accurate wayfinding
Walking or driving modes

CampMap 360 Photos

We capture high quality 360 photo's of every pitch, parcel or feature and we do it fast! An optional add-on for your interactive map.

360° Photos with Map Integration

Push Notifications

If you have a special offer on some in camp services or if there is bad weather on the way let your guests know in real-time with our notification system.

Special offer at the restaurant!
A storm is coming, get ready!

Integration & Connectivity

Today integration and connectivity are critical, and we are laser focused on making CampMap as open and easy to integrate as possible.

Integration with 3rd party services

Customer Testimonials

The implementation of the interactive map has enabled us and our guests to communicate more clearly and visualize the offer of the camp

Valentina Mahmutović,

Front desk manager


Camping Slamni

Guest Feedback




The interactive map is good. If you can see beforehand where the water and power connections are, you can take enough cables or hoses with you. For us personally, shade is an important point. My husband and I just love camping, but I have a sun allergy, so I must be extra careful when planning a trip. It’s nice to see that information included in the pitch description on the map.


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