CampMap is a web mapping platform improving guest experience and camp management by delivering consistent and easy to use digital maps of campsites.


We created CampMap to make the camping experience simple.

In response to our own frustrations (as campers) with the lack of information and choice available when camping we set out to make our life easier and to also help the millions of other guests that go camping for their holidays each year.

There are plenty of great online solutions to help you choose and book a campsite but what happens when you arrive at the campsite?

  • How do you find the information you need inside the campsite?
  • How do you navigate in the campsite?
Paper maps, posters and a multitude or website designs was the only answer and in our digital age this was not really good enough.

Another deeply personal problem is the choice of camping Pitch, campsites are not hotels, each Pitch is unique and guests like to have the choice of where they spend their holiday.

  • What fits my Caravan, Campervan or Tent the best?
  • What level of shade is there?
  • How far away are certain facilities?

CampMap solves all these problems with its Interactive Mapping Platform which delivers consistent and easy to use digital maps of campsites. It works seamlessly on all devices, providing the information and services you need in the palm of your hand.


After creating CampMap we quickly realised that there were a whole host of benefits not just to campsite Guests but also to Campsites and Related Businesses.


We are hiring, take a look at our open opportunities or simply get in contact if you think you can contribute to our team.