Our TOP 8 Pieces of Camping Equipment

A summary of our top 8 pieces of camping equipment when camping, one for each member of the team!

We, at CampMap, obviously love camping, so we thought it would be interesting to list what we just can’t camp without. It was a fun activity, but we have also learned a lot about each other and came up with a list we think would be a useful guidance to other camping enthusiasts out there!

1. Camping Cot Bed

CampMap’s founder Simon doesn’t go camping without a camping cot bed. He claims it to be very practical and comfortable at the same time. A camping cot can keep you warm, elevated, and comfortable while on an outdoors adventure. It is definitely a must-have for a good night’s sleep while camping.


2. Camping Fridge

Andrea, our marketing wizard, has learnt from her vast experience (personal and business alike), that a camping fridge is a necessity. Sometimes campsites do not have in-camp restaurants or stores, and really, your own fridge means you’re the boss of your meals. Having the ability to keep food at an optimal temperature allows you to camp for longer periods without having to buy more supplies. There are lots of different types, price range and capacities on the market, so it shouldn’t be a problem for everyone to find their own camping fridge match.

3. Camping Stove

Au pair with camping fridge comes the camping stove. Lidija, our GIS and Survey technician, however, values camping stoves above all other equipment because of one savoury, dark, hot, and tasty reason. Yes, coffee. “All you need is love and coffee” is a terrific saying to accompany this entry. Camping stoves are easy to ignite with a match or a lighter, even in wet or windy conditions, and it is very similar to cooking on a gas stove in your own home. So, besides coffee, there is a marvellous culinary undertaking ahead.


4. Tent with Multiple Rooms

Practical and having all potential issues predicted and a ready solution at hand, Jelena is as great at planning and logistics at CampMap, as she is on camping. Having a tent that has two or more separate spaces is excellent for rainy days. These big tents are perfect for family and friends, are spacious, multi-purpose if necessary and made from durable designs. Who says you can’t have everything you need when camping!

5. Headlamp

We’re not sure if Tomislav would use the headlamp to find and arrange new deals, but we cannot imagine nights in the great outdoors without light. Whether to find your way to different facilities at night, or to see better when you are doing something at night and your hands are busy, headlamps are the way to go gear-wise.


6. First Aid Kit plus Bug Spray

More of a glamper than a camper, Lada will at all times have the bug spray on her, to keep the dreadful mosquitos away and in case of a man-in-black emergency. Also, a good idea to have in the medical kit are some bandages and antiseptics to take care of scratches and minor injuries (for moderate and serious injuries, do not forget to call 112 if in Croatia).

7. Board games

Leda would be our party-person, bringing board games to camping and keeping those nights light and fun! Boardgames are a great way to connect with your family and friends, keeping your mind sharp and having fun. You can take virtually any game with you, but you should adjust it to the age and number of pieces (it would not be advisable to take complex games with lots of parts, so you don’t lose them). We would recommend some game that everyone loves, such as Uno (even has a wilderness edition), 5 Seconds, dice games such as Yahtzee or Zombie Dice or try out fun games you don’t need any equipment for, such as Mime and Guess-Who.


8. Hammock

Ivan really likes making maps and is an easy-going guy. He would single out a hammock as his favourite camping gear. After all, camping is about relaxing, connecting to nature, recharging your batteries... There is really a lot of shapes and sizes hammocks come in, and basically all you need for a great nap in the fresh air are 2 trees and your hammock.

Final Thoughts

Of course, there is a lot of other equipment all of us and all of you would count among favourites. We have tried to cover different areas and think that the list of these items combined gives great tips on how to make your camping trip comfortable, safe and fun, and that is what CampMap is all about – making camping simple!

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