Improve guest experience & reduce costs

Operating in outdoor hospitality is complex and unpredictable, CampMap is trusted by campsites, holiday parks, campgrounds and RV resorts to solve day to day problems faced by staff and guests.


Operating isn't always easy

Staff get distracted and overworked communicating with guests and solving problems caused by incomplete and scattered information. This impacts your bottom line and lowers guest experience.



Wow prospective guests with a fully functioning interactive map on your own website


Reduce staff workload

Enable your staff to focus on core tasks while our map guides guests


Increase guest experience

Search, Navigation and much more - make every guest feel like a VIP

How does it work?

It’s a simple three-step process that requires very little of your input. Our team is always available to support you to ensure everything runs smoothly.


Sign-up and share

Create an account on our platform and then share data about your camp. e.g. any existing map, pricing tiers or zones, house rules and photos.


We make the map

This step is all done my us and it usually takes a few weeks. We may contact you with some specific questions during this period.


Review & Publish

You have the chance to review the draft map, we fix any changes or edits and then we publish it online!

Your digital support

CampMap is a web platform that helps outdoor hospitality reduce costs and improve guest experience by creating accurate, complete, and easy-to-use digital maps.

GPS Navigation

A simple and easy to use navigation experience on any device, point to point directions so your guests will never get lost.

CampMap 360° Photos

Guests want more information, standard images are OK but our 360° experience provides the feeling of being there and guests love it.

Push Notifications

Notify your guests about important events such as: bad weather, changes to facilities, emergencies or offers.


Coming soon!

Understand your guest interactions in amazing detail, fine-tune your operations and guest services to boost revenue.

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Customer Testimonials

The implementation of the interactive map has enabled us and our guests to communicate more clearly and visualize the offer of the camp

Valentina Mahmutović,

Front desk manager


Camping Slamni

Guest Feedback




The interactive map is good. If you can see beforehand where the water and power connections are, you can take enough cables or hoses with you. For us personally, shade is an important point. My husband and I just love camping, but I have a sun allergy, so I must be extra careful when planning a trip. It’s nice to see that information included in the pitch description on the map.


Let us point you in the right direction

Contact us and we’ll share how we can create a map of your campsite, park or campground that will boost your business. A simple 15 minute presentation with a live demo will provide all the information you need. Or email us directly at:

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