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“Keeping the guests happy and well informed is a constant challenge so we are very satisfied that we’ve found a partner who can help us deliver all important information about the camp in one place” – commented Karin in our last talk. For us, as a young Start-up company, collaborating with Camp Kovačine has been a privilege.

When we just started making maps with our partner campsites, one of the first large camps was Camp Kovačine. Working with their amazing and well-organised team gave us the opportunity to practice our procedures in a casual environment. Bonus was developing a great partnership along the way.

Tell us something about you and your camp?

My name is Karin, and I am Sales & Marketing Vice Manager for the Cresanka company. Our campsite Kovačine is located on the island Cres, in immediate vicinity of the gorgeous town of Cres. Our camp is very popular among families, and we also offer a secluded part of the camp for guests who want to enjoy a holiday of the naturist type.

How did CampMap help you?

With CampMap we became aware of many demands from our guests regarding how the pitches look as well as all the details that interest them. Now we have the right tools to show our guests how a pitch really looks like and what are the exact dimensions of that camping spot.

Did something change after choosing CampMap as your partner?

We had a great collaboration and CampMap team was open to all our ideas and suggestions. The 360° photos are a great solution and those can provide a lot of answers for the new guests, who never visited our camp before. The map really gives you all the information you wanted to know about the campsite.

Would you recommend other campsites to work with CampMap team?

I certainly would recommend collaboration with CampMap. The team is focused on understanding the specific problems of a campsite and they are also ready to work on possible solution ideas. An example is the size of the pitch where the “usable” camping area of a pitch is smaller than the actual pitch and it can be confusing for the guests. There can be trees, or bushes on the pitch which can cause problems for positioning a camper or a tent sometimes. Showing both dimensions (the actual and the usable area of the pitch) and having the 360°Photo of that place, can help the guests picture themselves camping on that location. So, yes, collaboration with CampMap was very pleasant and the product of our collaboration is a great tool for our booking team and for the guests as well.