CampMap on the "Poslovni Plan" TV show




We were invited to the Poslovni Plan (Business Plan) show on Croatian National Television (HRT) to talk about how our start-up is helping campsites improve guest experience and reduce costs. The show was aired on HRT2 in December 2022.

In the episode Simon Neal talks about the needs of a moder campers and how did he got to the idea of creating CampMap. Modern guests need a modern tool to get the best of what the camp has to offer.

Finding the perfect place to spend your next camping vacation can get messy… What is inside the campsite, or how do the camping places look like, how can you navigate your way around the area you are staying at… There’s just so many different information available online, but to have it displayed in an “easy-to-understand” way is one of our main company goals. We are in the business of creating accurate, complete, and easy-to-use digital maps after all 😊

Simon also talked about the start-up climate in Croatia and how the companies like InfoBip or Rimac are creating a momentum in terms of investment and support for Croatian startups.

We would like to thank the journalist of the show "Poslovni Plan", Mrs. Zorana Vukić Gavran, for the invitation to the show.

Watch the show now!