6 New trends in camping

6 New trends in camping


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Most of camping enthusiasts choose camping for the perfect way to spend their vacation and (re)connect with nature. However, enjoying a simpler life, even for a bit, doesn't mean camping was left behind the modern age. As the global trends take on industries by storm, camping is no exception.

Greener than green

One of the raging trends nowadays is the so called „green camping “. How can you go greener than camping, you might ask? There are a lot of innovations in gears and gadgets that do just that. More and more companies have been introducing recycled materials in camping equipment, such as tents or sleeping bags. These products are still a bit more expensive, however you can look at it as an sustainable investment.

Camping lifestyle as inspiration for the new technologies

The emerging new technologies are also making camping more sustainable and eco-friendlier. Not to brag, but that is exactly what CampMap does – there is no need to print out maps and create unnecessary waste, it is always at hand on your phone making navigation in the campsite simple and easy.

Gear – smarter and more sustainable

As for the camping gear, you can find whole series of different products, from charging stations to portable coolers and cookers. The camping equipment is being very innovative, and the technology even smarts up your clothes – new materials combined with technology can keep you warm on trails or make your tents and backpacks water resistant. Hydrophobic materials are nontoxic and can make natural fabric water repellent. When going back to nature, it’s nice to have a good water and stain repellent shoes. We found a one great Start-Up from Croatia that are making super comfortable, organic, and Eco-Friendly ones.

Why stop there?

And not only are gadgets and gear becoming more eco-friendly, but the campsites also are going green(er)! From water purifying, using solar panels, to recycling and sustainable tourism, camps are acknowledging their role as nature oriented, nature friendly and nature supportive vacation options. There are even camps that plant a tree for each reservation in their campsite, one of those is Olivia Green Camping. Explore the campsite on their Map!

Glamour + Camping – Glamping

Glamping is a rising trend all over the planet for few years now. Pods, geodomes, yurts, safari tents, tiny houses, you name it – sleeping in nature is getting more and more interesting. For all of you who still prefer a comfy and luxurious vacation, this is a trend you might want to explore. We recommend that you start small, but with style. Saksida Wine & Camping Resort is a special tip form our team. Having a breakfast overlooking a vineyard and Slovenian landscape is a must!

Instagram-Worthy Destinations

Choosing a unique vacation where you can capture that incredible vacation memories and share those on Instagram is not just a “millennials” thing. This growing behavioural trend is inviting all of us, as users, to find those Instagrammable Tourist Spots simply to show off our experiences with our followers. Croatian coast has most beautiful sunsets and staying in campsites like Omišalj Camping will get you that unique moment to capture.

In short

Camping is becoming smarter, more eco-aware, while maintaining the simple and nature-focused qualities of such vacation types (even lifestyles!).