Camping 101: Cooking

10 tips on what to cook while camping. Because CampMap simplifies camping for you.

Camping 101: Cooking

When you think of camping and food combined, you may not be imagining glorious 3-course meals, but there is really no reason why you shouldn’t be eating healthy, diverse, and tasty on your next camping trip.

Of course, it depends on what you’re bringing with you on your trip, but let's say there is an available source of heat at least for some of your meals. You would want to pack light yet nutritious, and pay attention to the order of meals prepared, so you use the ingredients that have the shortest expiry date or take up the most space first. If you’re up to cooking yourself, we made a short list of potential ideas. Of course, the ideas are general and not tailored to a specific taste or eating habits.


You wouldn’t be the first to forget essential ingredients, so just a reminder: salt, olive oil, pepper, spices you enjoy, sugar, coffee and tea, cream.


Marshmallows baked crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, now that is the actual number one that pops to mind when you think about a meal over a fire. It is pure sugar, so don’t overdo it.


While they are not so easy to transport, eggs are a perfect, warm meal on a bread with some vegetables, or boiled for later use in sandwiches and salads. The options are, as it is with eggs, endless. You would just have to keep them appropriately stored so they do not go bad.


Either an electric or gas grill this is everyone’s number one when you think about camping food, be it meat or vegetable skewers. This is an ideal meal for the first days of camping. It requires little skill; some patience and it is ideal for hanging around the fire with your family or friends.



There’s nothing like a nice stew to provide nutrients and help with the leftovers. All-in-one pot and warm, it is a perfect meal that doesn’t require much attention. You can feed a lot of people with it, so it is practical that way too.

Rice & Pasta

Rice and pasta can easily be cooked over a camping stove and used in plenty variations, in cold and hot meals alike, with vegetables, meat, canned fish, you name it. Who says you can’t have a fancy meal while camping?



Nothing wrong with taking a break from cooking, after all you are on vacation. Sandwiches are where you can really go wild, and pair anything you can think of. Sheep cheese is particularly practical because it keeps its shape and has a high melting point. Together with vegetables it will make a round meal and provide everything your body needs. Peanut butter and jelly is a classic - you really can’t go wrong here. For an extra twist, instead of using bread in peanut butter sandwiches, try using apple slices. The kids will love it (grown-ups too).

Canned Fish

You can prepare sardines or tuna fish from cans in a lot of combinations and paired with bread, salads, rice, pasta, vegetables… or you can dive-in straight from the can.


There’s something about vacation that brings out the snackers in us. Whether you are hanging out with your friends, or need a quick snack between the meals, snacks are easily stored and transported. From potato chips (homemade or store-bought) to chocolate and protein bars, everyone has a favourite snack. You can opt for the healthy snacks like nuts, too.


In case you are eating a lot of dry food, don’t forget your probiotics. Here’s where yoghurts come in handy, and they are also tasty and refreshing. You can use them with your cereals for a whole meal or drink as a beverage.

Bon Appétit happy campers!

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