How to be a Rockstar receptionist?

How to be a rockstar receptionist



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Being a receptionist at a campsite is not an easy task. We’ve gathered a few tips on how to help every receptionist rock their job!

Detective work

For a receptionist it is vital to have the answers to guest’s questions. It’s a great idea to explore the nearby attractions, available activities, close at hand shops and restaurants… and preferably make arrangements so that your guests can benefit from their offer. It is also advisable to know the working hours, audience, and other details. The more you investigate, the better.

Research & Analytics

It is absolutely crucial that you know your way around the camp. You have to memorize the camp, and how to get to any place within it (yes, you need to know where the toilets are, and all other facilities). You should know the walking distance between different spots, and approximate walking time between them.

PR and Communication

For the better part of the day, a receptionist has to communicate with camp guests. As you may notice, lots of questions will often be repeated. To make it easier for you, keep track of commonly asked questions and answers to them, in several languages, of course. You can make a binder with different marks or colours, so it is easier to manage.


Some people don’t like surprises, and that is perfectly fine. It is not that easy to choose a pitch that is the ideal fit: some like more shade, some are attracted to the view, some need more, or less space… To help the guests decide, you can simply show them photographs of the pitches, and they will have a general idea of the spot they are camping on.


There is a lot of information you want to prepare for your guests (this will also help with your PR and communication work, because there will be less face-to-face questions). You should provide printed brochures, maps and, also important, house rules, and hand them out to all guests.

Marketing guru

To be able to keep up with the market (and your guests) you need to be a marketing expert. Facebook groups, Instagram stories, Tik Tok videos, LinkedIn profile... You need to keep improving your marketing skills and work on a plan to find a focus and time to present what's new in your camp.

Rock on!

Don’t forget to smile through your many assignments, and once you have them all down, you are ready to be a Rockstar receptionist!

Does this feel too much?

If you think this is getting complicated, there is a simple solution. Contact the CampMap team – we can help with (almost) everything!